Sleep Aids: Helping You Get that Sound Sleep Every Night


Having trouble sleeping every night? If milk and warm bath at night could simply not help you anymore, there are some powerful sleeping aids that might actually get you attain that sound sleep every night!

Why We Need Complete Rest Every Night

The benefits of a good night’s sleep can never be underestimated.

A good night’s sleep repairs and rejuvenates the body, restoring it from the wear and tear of everyday routine. Especially for fitness enthusiasts, good sleep helps achieve fitness goals. One cannot hope to build muscle and sculpt a lean body with missing out on sleep.

Doctors and experts recommend that adults sleep for an average of seven to eight hours every night, adjusting it accordingly to individual needs. The most important thing is to feel rested and re-energized as one wakes up in the morning. Needing an alarm clock or sleeping longer on weekends is a sign of sleep deprivation. These must be solved by inculcating good sleeping habits and maximizing one’s sleeping time at night.

Getting to sleep and maximizing it need not be achieved by taking sleeping pills. Sleeping pills must only be resorted to as a last resort and under a doctor’s supervision. Improper use of sleeping pills may actually worsen an otherwise normal sleep pattern and induce dependency.

Natural Sleeping Aids

Now, if you are having trouble sleeping every night, here are some natural sleeping aids and alternatives that could help you get that sound sleep:

Magnesium: This nutrient is commonly overlooked in one’s diet. However, magnesium has a big effect in relaxing the muscles and mind. To sleep better, you can consider supplementing with magnesium before bedtime (about 450 mg) to aid in drowsing off. Doctors also suggest taking calcium with magnesium to avoid an imbalance.

ZMA: This is a highly available form of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 that promotes restful and recuperating sleep while at the same time boosts strength. Take two capsules 30 to 60 minutes before sleeping and experience that restful sleep you have always wanted.

Melatonin: Take 5 mg of melatonin six or seven hours before you sleep to fix your body clock. Melatonin actually defines the biological clock; so taking it could help you sleep on time.

5-HTTP: Short for 5-hydroxytrytophan, this sleeping aid has relaxing and mood-elevating effects. Take 50 mg of this before dozing off and feel the rejuvenation it brings to your sleep.